"This class is good for beginners and is a really good workout. It is a lot of fun while you sweat." Melissa

"friendly, helpful, and detailed instruction to ensure proper technique.  fun to hit too"  Richard

"Phil keeps the classes fun, challenging, and instructive. A typical class will consist of a 12 minute warmup (jumpropes, shadowboxing, jogging, footwork drills, etc) followed by a ~40 minute circuit where students cycle through mittwork, heavy bags, speed bags, double end bags, or strength/conditioning drills. There is a plethora of equipment in the gym so there is plenty of variety in the workouts....If you are new to boxing or working out, I think this is one of the friendliest environments you can walk into. Going into a boxing gym can be intimidating based on the people who are in there, but you'll find that the crowd in here is more friendly than others. Coach will make sure you feel comfortable with whatever you do instead of focusing on the minute details of technique and form."  Hazumu

"What a butt-kicking workout! I was dripping sweat within 10 minutes of the warm up.  Phil's BoxFit808 gym is a great place for learning to box and getting a full body workout.  All ages and skills are welcomed.  The staff and classmates are helpful in showing newbies how to do the different moves.  I will definitely come more and refer others to check it out." Yen 7/14

"Coach Phil is patient, but still pushes those of us who have never been in a "ring" before. I've been to three classes and they are legit calorie burners, and it is a ton of fun learning to "fight" correctly. I love this place." Katrina 10/14

"Great class! Fun as a first time boxer, the coaches were really helpful and nice." 11/14